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No-Woofstock 2020

Woofstock 2020 had a road block this year. When COVID-19 first turned the world upside down, we thought Woofstock would only be delayed until the fall season. As time progressed, we had to accept the reality that our #1 fundraiser wouldn’t happen this year.

The financial success of Woofstock every year is always due to sponsors and clinic supporters such as YOU. The gate fees have always been a minimal income item. While we won’t have the pleasure of hosting our event this year, we are hoping that you will still consider your financial support of No-Woofstock 2020.

The COVID-19 quarantine forced us to close the clinic on March 27th. Our initial plan was to close until April 20th to allow the shelter-in-place guidelines to flatten the curve. When we started evaluating re-opening, we quickly realized it was impossible to get the volume of medical supplies we needed to perform our surgeries. In fact, we could not order one single box of sterile surgical gloves from any of our suppliers until late May. Ultimately, we re-opened on June 8th and will spend an unknown amount of time catching up with our surgeries and with our budget. We are hoping our faithful supporters will help us maintain our financial stability!

If you are capable of supporting No-Woofstock 2020, we will be deeply grateful!

There are several giving options for your convenience. You may donate from this page, from our Facebook page, call the clinic or mail us a check.

We will be planning for next year's Woofstock 2021 on June 5th! In the meantime, be sure to watch our Facebook page the week of June 29th as we share memories of Woofstock’s past. Each day we will be posting some of our favorite photos and memories.