Cats and Dogs

Coomes Center Doggie Swim Day

Saturday, September 16th
10 am — 12 pm
$10 donation per dog family
The Coomes Center in Abingdon, VA

Before the water is drained for the winter, the Coomes Center Swimming Pool goes to the dogs for one PAWsome day! This is a fun event for the entire family – but especially the four legged members who get access to the Olympic size and kiddie pools for their own special day.

The cost is only $10 per family and every penny of that goes to help us help animals. Each dog receives a fun gift bag and a fun day of swimming, running, playing and interacting with other doggie families!

Click here to download and print your registration form. You may also pre-register and pay your registration fee online using the form on this page.

Safety Guidelines

  1. For the safety of all dogs visiting the Coomes Center Dog Swim Day, the Abingdon Parks and Recreation Department requires all our canine visitors to be vaccinated or titered for rabies. Owners MUST produce a copy of current vaccinations upon entrance to the pool.
  2. You are responsible for your dog and its behavior while in the pool area, including your dog's interaction with other dogs. Please attend to your dogs at all times.
  3. Please be sure your dog has been exposed to swimming. Dogs who are not used to the water may become afraid and aggressive.
  4. All dogs MUST BE ON LEASH while not in the pool.
  5. Children must be under parental control at all times and may not get into the pool with a dog.
  6. If your dog is cranky or has a lot of doggy personality, or is overly aggressive Coomes Center staff will ask to either take a time-out or to leave the premises.
  7. No food or drinks in the pool area.
  8. NO RUNNING BY HUMANS on deck or around pools. No owners are allowed in the pool at any time due to Health Department Regulations.
  9. Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or after swimming. It is very important that you either walk your dog and/or take him/her out to our designated area prior to entering the pool. Owners are responsible for cleaning up any and all waste and disposing of it properly. Repeated droppings in the pool may result in a pool ban for your dog.
  10. Dogs/Owners not abiding by the set guidelines may be asked to leave the premises.